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While there are many voice recorders in the marketplace none really compare to the quality of sound capture that the Zoom produces, especially in the music industry. Combine this with a HD Video Recorder and the result is an amazing product that surpasses all of its rivals.
You might notice at first glance that the Q3HD Video Recorder has two strange looking mics that are positioned on the top of the handheld Video Recorder, this is known to be an X/Y mic configuration which produces a true stereo recording. Don’t be fooled by its small form factor this Handy Pocket Video Recorder packs a lot of punch. It has all the top features to ensure you get the best recording and best audio, like, adjustable sound recording quality (higher than CD quality) , 4 x digital zoom, 30/60frames per second frame rate, SD card recording (7 hours from a 32GB card), HDMI output, line input and output, and a large LCD screen.
It also mounts on a standard tripod and it only uses 2 x AA Batteries. This Pocket Video Recorder is simple to use and produces incredible results!


Being released around July in Australia, is the Q3HD Video Recorder’s little brother the Q2HD, which is a scaled down version of the Q3HD. The Q2HD still produces very high sound and picture quality but excludes the high end features that consumers don’t require. However, it still punches well above it’s weight with high definition video recording, 4 x digital zoom, 30/60frames per second frame rate, pro level top mount mic (or disco ball) for stereo recording, live web streaming, mini HDMI output for TV playback and SD card recording. If you thought that was it, well think again, I’ve left one of the best features till last! If you connect the Q2HD to your iPad (camera connection kit required) you will get the sound quality you always hoped for, the item will act as a USB microphone. Now that’s a versatile product!

If you’re interested in purchasing the Zoom Handy Video Recorders or have any enquiries about the products please contact me on (07) 3250 0082 or via email at s.sechi@videopro.com.au.

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  1. Whats the price

  2. Hi Manmohan,

    The price is $295 ex GST. 🙂


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