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Welcome to the start of another school year, I hope you all had a refreshing break over Christmas. With the introduction of the Preferred Supplier Arrangement (PSA); DETPSA-100543, we found ourselves very busy over the holidays getting our audio visual equipment into schools before the students returned from their break.

In 2009 until now, Mobile Interactive Whiteboards have gained momentum within schools and training organisations because they’re able to be moved around the classroom to create a more dynamic teaching environment. In 2011 Interactive Projectors were reintroduced to the market after failing about 5 years ago to find traction. There has been increasing interest in Interactive Projectors and we have found ourselves installing them onto walls and ceilings in place of Interactive Whiteboards as a more cost effective solution. Although the jury is still out as to whether Interactive Projectors provide better teaching and learning outcomes then Interactive Whiteboards.

Mobile Interactive Projectors

Since we’ve seen so much success with the Mobile Interactive Whiteboard we decided to start developing the Mobile Interactive Projector. Prior to Christmas we had authority from DET to add another bundle to our offering on the PSA; DETPSA100543. Now schools can ask for even more cost effective Mobile Interactive Solutions for their classrooms whereby a static low sheen widescreen whiteboard is mounted to a trolley along with Hitachi’s wide screen Interactive Projector (CPAW2519NM), audio system and cabling to provide a very compact mobile solution that arrives with a 5 year warranty.

Please don’t hesitate to call me on (07) 3250 0000 or email me at d.macready@videopro.com.au to discuss your audio visual options further. We have a wide range of products and staff that are passionate about audio visual technologies and providing you a quality solution for your school that will last for years into the future.

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