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Wireless Microphones

Are you aware your current Wireless Microphone System may need replacing? Or that your Wireless Portable PA may need to be upgraded?

The government is making changes to the Wireless(UHF) frequency spectrum, which means that after 31st December 2014, your Wireless Microphone System or Portable PA System may be operating on an illegal frequency. If your system is operating on 694-820MHz it will need to be replaced or upgraded. In addition to this, if your system is operating across a frequency range that Digital TV resides on, then you will receive no signal or have a limited range to tune your current system into. The changes are due to a re-stack of Digital TV to allow for the higher frequencies to be used for 4G Services across the state.

Wireless Microphones

What this will mean for you; this is not all bad news, quite a few users will be ok as their frequency range will be within the legal operating range post 2014, and for those that have to upgrade or replace, Manufacturers are offering some good discounts to counteract the cost. This might be a good way to upgrade to a better system or simply replace that old unreliable system that you have using over the years.
Unsure about your systems frequency? Please call me on 07 3250 0082 or email me at s.sechi@videopro.com.au and I will assist you to determine which frequency will be suitable for your area and to check if an upgrade is required. Also visit the ACMA website for more details.

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