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Who has an iphone or ipod touch?

Who likes to record video on their iphone or ipod touch?

Would you like to increase the quality of your recordings?

Are you a journalist that uses the iphone or ipod touch to record interviews?

Would you like to create better videos and increase the audio quality on these devices 100 fold?

Then have I got a product for you … it’s the just released Fostex AR-4i.

I’ve only just received stock and it’s fantastic! My iPhone 4 is awesome and takes great HD quality video, but I’ve been disappointed with the audio quality as it’s often difficult to hear what’s being said. The internal microphone only records in mono and you have no control as to the quality.

Well it’s not enter the ninja or samurai it’s enter the new Fostex AR-4i! This little unit has excellent quality audio recording capabilities in both mono and stereo.

Fostex AR-4i

All you need to do is doc your iPhone into the unit via the Dock connector and in-built AD/DA converter and you receive a 4 LED input level metering display, gain control and headphone monitoring. The AR-4i has been designed to dramatically increase the quality of the sound of videos you take with your iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and the latest ipods. The unit can be used vertically or horizontally and it comes with a handle to screw onto the bottom of your device to make it easier to hold, which keeps your fingers from sneaking in front of the camera.

It comes with two microphones with windsocks and a shoe mount to add an additional shotgun microphone or radio lapel microphone. This setup is perfect for TV & Radio reporting, live video streaming, video blogs, YouTube uploads or just for fun. Anyway enough about it … it’s a great little product I am using to shoot the family, in particular my boys skateboarding if you want to see one give me a call on 07 3250 0012 or email me at w.newton@videopro.com.au.

There is an app available for it on the apple store called Fostex AR-4i it’s free and allows you to set up the microphones.

Here is a picture of my setup which includes a Sony radio microphone.

My Fostex AR-4i Setup

Once again if you would like any more information on this product or would like to see my videos please contact me via phone 07 3250 0012 or email w.newton@videopro.com.au.

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