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For our many F5 F55 and F65 users out there here is the latest download link for the Sony RAW Viewer software..


Sony RAW Viewer V2.2 & AXSM Drive Utility V1.3

RAW Viewer V2.2 is now available from our Engineering Support site at RAW Viewer V2,20

This version supports “Export to XAVC” (not only HD/2K but also QFHD/4K) and “Export from XAVC and SStP materials”. From this version, main codecs used by the F65, F55 and F5 are supported on RAW Viewer from Viewing function to Exporting function. Simply put,  RAW Viewer is getting better and better!

Additional Key Features from RAW Viewer V2.2

  • Export to XAVC
  • Export from XAVC and SStP
  • 2K/4K Monitor Output by Ultra Studio Series (Black Magic Design)

-> Previous ver. supported HD or QFHD only


In addition, we have also released AXSM Drive Utility V1.3, available at ACS-CR1 Utility V1,30

Additional Key Features from AXSM Drive Utility V1.3

  • Mac OS X 10.9 is supported
  • AXS Memory “A-Series” card is supported

The new AXS “A-Series” will replace the previous AXS cards – with identical functionality and performance, but now available in both 512GB and 1TB sizes. They also have a smaller form-factor, but are fully compatible with AXS-R5 and AXS-CR1 via use of an adapter, that will be supplied free to all existing owners and ship included with those products from this month. Full details will be issued in a Product Flash shortly.

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