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Are you going to SMPTE?

The almighty SMPTE show is on again this year from 23-26 July 2013, and with 4K pictures being on everyone’s lips this will be the show to be at.

The event theme for SMPTE13 is “Delivering the Personalised Content Experience”.

Throughout the evolution of the film and television industry, the mantra of “Content is King” has been the only constant. “Content is King” refers to content relevance – that entertainment content that people want to consume. And of course, the ultimate refinement of this mantra is “Personalised Content” – that content which is the pick of the crop for a demographic of one – the individual.

SMPTE 2013

Now, with a decade of technology and business model refinement around personalised devices, a second, equally important mantra, is emerging – “User Experience is King”. For our industry, this not only refers to when and where content is consumed but to the actual experience associated with the event – from the ease of browsing and selecting content, to the actual experience of content delivery (i.e. engrossing and pleasurable), to the opportunity of widely socialising opinions in relation to the content (via social networks).

So if you’re looking at upgrading your existing equipment or looking at planning ahead for future purchases then this is the show to be at.

I will be there on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with Dave, Graham, and Rob, if you would like a personal tour of the show please give me a call on 0418 750 526 to arrange an appointment.

Click here to register for SMPTE13.

See you there!

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