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With the uptake of DSLR videography the thing that is missing is being able to record decent audio along with the video. With that in mind TASCAM have released their new Linear PCM Recorder and Mixer for DSLR cameras. The DR-60D is the new audio recording solution for on-set filmmakers and videographers that use DSLR’s. For years, filmmakers have been trying different methods for recording audio, using bulky recorders designed for music, and trying to transform the inferior audio technology built-into DSLR’s. Now TASCAM has designed an answer that pros and amateurs alike have been waiting for.

The DR-60D is incredibly easy to use, and employs TASCAM’s very popular user interface and external controls for every major operation. The body structure, soft-touch keys and dials are designed specifically to help eliminate handling noise. The multiple record modes include, 4-Channel Record, Auto Record and TASCAM’s Dual Record “Safety Track” Mode.


The first shipment is about to arrive, sell price is $549.00 inc gst, and they’re selling fast! Click here to find out more about the product or give me a call on 1300 VIDEOPRO.

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