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For everyone who has an Atomos Ninja you will be pleased to know that there is a new version of firmware/software available for you to download. It is version 2.2, and this release marks the completion of the Nikon D800 certification which is another improvement for Ninja owners. Atomos offers this new firmware with improved functionality and features for free, to all their current users, in easy-to-install updates.

The below link will give you some detailed information on the new features contained in this release, as well as the links to download the Version 2.2 Software and install it on your Ninja. Click here to check out the software features and download the new software.

Here is an interesting article regarding James Cameron’s use of 30 Atomos Samurai recorders that were installed into his unique submersible submarine, to record some awesome footage 11km below the ocean’s surface.

Cameron – best known for creating fictional worlds on film (Avatar, Titanic, The Abyss) spent about three hours at the deepest point in the Mariana Trench, Challenger Deep, some 200 miles (322 km) southwest of Guam, photographing and attempting to collect samples from the deep for research.

“James needed to control all the recording and playback functions in a very confined space in the submersible,” said Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos. “So we specially modified our operating system, Atomos, so that all Samurai functions could be initiated simultaneously from one computer.”

Click here for more information on Cameron’s deep see challenge.

If you have any questions about the new firmware/software for the Atomos Ninja please contact me on 1300 VIDEOPRO.

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