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Nab Show Las Vegas

The Panasonic AVC-Ultra family of codecs continues to grow and ensures that Panasonic has a strong future from the highest Master Quality 12bit 4:4:4 image acquisition to high efficiency low bit rate images easily transferred across mobile networks. They also announced two new AVC Long G (long GOP) codecs that will deliver 10bit 4:2:2 image quality at 25 and 50Mbps. Advances in coding mean the compromises of older Long GOP codecs are a thing of the past. Also unveiled are the plans for a Total 4K Production Workflow. Not just a 4K camera. At the heart of this solution will be the 4K Varicam. At the show a mock-up version is on display. As the AVC-Intra Class 4:4:4 profile of the AVC-Ultra family won’t be ready until later this year they still have time up their sleeve to get the imager right. Panasonic have investigated many existing 4K sensors, but have found none that can match the P2 based capabilities of the 4:4:4 profile of the AVC-Ultra family. Further details are yet to be released but I can confirm that the Panasonic factory is hard at work on not just a 4K camera but a family of 4K Master Quality production products.

Other exciting news includes:

  • HPX600, a new concept in a light weight on shoulder modular 2/3” MOS sensor AVC-Ultra camcorder;
  • Upgrades for the AF102, AC130 & 160 and the HPX250;
  • MicroP2 cards with an adaptor for the full size P2 card slot allowing for the use of off the shelf SD cards in emergency situations;and
  • A few more LCD monitors will be joining our range shortly.
  • Click here for the Panasonic press conference releases.

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