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Once again, I had a fantastic holiday break at Moreton Island, it already feels like I should have another!

This year we had the best weather, saw some amazing sunsets and enjoyed swimming in crystal clear water. The only downfall, which I must say was an experience, was being chased by a 1 meter hammerhead shark in knee deep water. We’ve learnt not to splash around in the ocean at dusk, lucky it was only a baby, as I’m sure the large Mum and Dad were just out a little deeper.

Sunset, Moreton Island.

Just now, writing for The Videopro Blog while at Moreton. I like to take the opportunity to test out some of the toys I sell on my holidays and so this year, I had the GoPro 3 Silver Edition, which I quite liked and the new Sony HDRAS15, competitor of the GoPro, which is also pretty good. I had a lot of fun testing out these cameras and have got some interesting pictures and videos underwater, sand boarding and quad bike riding. I liked the stills function in both these cameras, as they make some groovey clips. The photo time lapse functionality of both the cameras is really easy to use, especially when you need to cut down on the amount of footage that you’re capturing, for instance setting up your tent.

SunsetTwo gotcha moments to look out for on the Sony and GoPro 3, are; you need to log onto the GoPro website and download the latest firmware, otherwise after the first time you use the GoPro camera and turn it off, you won’t be able to turn it back on. Once you download the firmware, update the camera it will work perfectly! The Sony HDRAS15 has to do with the card you record onto, it uses both micro SD and MS. If you don’t read the instructions, the SD card goes in one way and the MS goes in the other. You will know if you put it in the wrong way, because the card light will flash at you, until you fix it.

I will have a new selection of LED lights in both studio and on camera available for sale next month. The quality of these items is great and the price is even better, so look out for my February Article to read about them.

If you have any questions about the GoPro or Sony Cameras, please comment below or contact me at w.newton@videopro.com.au.


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  1. I have read all your articles about the 5.8g 200mw FPV Wireless AV Tx & Rx Set. I also have the exact same set like you eepcxt the GoPro camera. I used the little camera but the problem is, everything works normal but I don’t get any picture, my screen is just black. I’ve already tried different things but nothing works. Do you have some advice?

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