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Shotoku TP80 Pedestal

Last month I mentioned that we’re selling the Shotoku Pedestals and tripod systems – Bond University have purchased 3 of the Shotoku TP80 Pedestals along with matching heads.

In the interests of excellent customer service, Yu-ki Mizano from Shotoku Japan came out to make sure that everything was setup correctly and to give some training on the correct use and maintenance of these systems. These pedestals look really smart and are of the highest quality – what is astounding is how smoothly they operate in the studio environment.

Yu-ki and I
Yu-ki & I

We are now stocking 4 of the Shotoku tripods that cover from entry level to ENG, these new systems will be arriving into our showroom in the next 5 weeks and will be available for demonstration.

While Yu-ki was here I took the opportunity to be a good host and took him the the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary where he was able to experience our native animals. I believe that he has many stories to tell back in Japan.

Yu-ki and I
Yu-ki holding a baby crocodile

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