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Wayne Newton- Videopro Business Solutions: Broadcast & Production

There is something to be said for having sand between your toes and being on holidays. Of course for a dedicated sales person, even on holidays you’re still across the requirements of your customers. So there is nothing like sitting on the beach watching the sun go down, beer in hand tapping a couple of quotes out on the laptop. Well, at least that’s what I did for the first few days of my holidays.

The Family at Moreton
For those of you that did receive phone calls and quotes they came from my campsite on Moreton island. Having four weeks off was absolutely fantastic! Even better when the weather is great as well. This year was my fourth year at Moreton Island, a big sand island seventy-five minutes barge ride from the port of Brisbane.

With the 4WD equipped and loaded to the hilt and the off road camper in tow, we set off from the barge landing point to find a great spot to get bogged, which I am pleased to say we achieved halfway into our journey. This gave me a great chance to use the max tracks and winch to the full.

Glorious Sunset
We camped up at Comboyuro point campground on the western side of the island and settled in for two weeks of sun, surf, and way too much sand. There are way too many stories to tell of exploring the island, needless to say it was very relaxing.

So that’s it from me, I’ll have some great product reviews up next month so stay tuned!

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