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Have you ever wondered what would be the best connectivity option for your laptop, or other device to your brand new projector, LED/LCD TV?? Most of us might be compromising on quality due to not knowing which is best among the two most commonly found multimedia connectivity options; the VGA and HDMI! Well lets take a look into these available options and find out which is better!


VGAVGA or Video Graphics Array is the oldest known display connectivity option for computers and in the past there were hardly any computers without it, however it appears they are starting to be phased out to make room for HDMI. The VGA signals are analog and transferred as three different colours over 15-pin sockets. This option is the most simplest connectivity everyone uses to connect PC’s to projectors and LCD’s, but since it’s analog, it’s definitely not the best in quality. VGA carries only video, no audio and needs additional audio inputs to your projector or LCD receiver for sound signals.


HDMIHDMI has been around for quite a while, but in the past couple of years it’s been quite common to see them making their appearances on projectors, LCD’s, recording devices, laptops and tablets. Due to its full digital nature, the quality is outstanding and the best in class in today’s video options. The connector sizes are very small compared to VGA and also carries audio making it more of a multimedia connectivity option compared to a video only option. It is the most widespread application for the connectivity of Full HD signals to a display from Blu-ray players, laptops and gaming consoles.

HDMI is backward-compatible with single-link Digital Visual Interface digital video (DVI). No signal conversion is required when an adapter or asymmetric cable is used, and consequently no loss in video quality occurs.

The Final Verdict

Clearly digital is better than analog, so VGA is out of the game with pure analog signals, bulky connectors and video only outputs. Among the digital options, HDMI and DVI have electrically similar video signal properties, but the point where HDMI wins, clear cut, is that HDMI is found on most if not all HD devices available today. HDMI has very slim and easy to use connectors making it the most user friendly connector, and the best of all, transports audio along with video on the same cable! Chances for interference are reduced with good quality cables. So if you have a PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, HD gaming console or even a DVD player, HDMI is the best multimedia connectivity option today!

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One comment on “VGA vs HDMI”

  1. Since HDMI cables also carries audio, if I connect my MACPRO/Windows laptop to my EPSON/HITACHI projector using HDMI cable will that mean that I will get audio output only to my projector or will I be able to get audio output from the headphone jack on my laptop too?

    We have a seminar hall where we used VGA from laptop to projector for video till now and for audio we used to take output from the headphone jack on laptop and send it to our Sound system Mixer. So we still want to send the audio to the Mixer. No audio is required to projector. Will it be possible if we use HDMI?

    Once I tried using USB and it sent audio only to projector and no output was available from the headphone jack. That is my concern.

    The question bit too long but I hope you have got my point.


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