As you may be well aware, the Videopro Business Centre is a huge supporter of Hitachi and its range of educational resources. In the coming months, we’ll begin to feature Student Response Systems!

Currently, Student Response Systems (SRS) are present in cutting edge Australian schools. In the near future, we hope this technology will make its way into the majority of schools as the benefits become clearer with time.

Keeping students’ attention is never easy, but the good people at Hitachi have made it that much simpler with the Verdict Plus interactive voting system.

This wireless system comes loaded with a range of pre-set questions and resources that you can integrate into any lesson. Teachers can choose to make answers anonymous, or to enable students to see how well they are doing in response to others. Pre-customised questions can be used or new ones created during a session. Answers can be transferred, collected and analysed for further reference.

The Verdict Plus system is easily integrated into Powerpoint, has a sim card option available, and is compatible with any laptop, projector or PC.

Verdict Plus also comes complete with Census – a revolutionary new method of teaching and presenting. The floating Cens-us toolbar can easily operate with any other software, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and even live video, giving the presenter the opportunity to easily canvass opinion and ask spontaneous questions.

The VerdictPlus system offers a communication range of up to 500m, can facilitate groups of up to 1000 students, and comes with a three year warranty. Imagine the difference an interactive response system could make in your classroom!

VerdICT Plus

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