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Wireless Microphones

The flood-gates of technology were sealed shut all the way through my schooling years, and the humble pen and paper held their own. Since then, there have been countless new classroom technologies making life ‘easier,’ for everyone… Or have they?

Interactive technology isn’t necessarily the best solution for every classroom, let’s be real about that. There are some classroom environments that suit the technology better than others; as we know, no two situations are the same. We are finding that more and more schools are breaking the ‘interactive’ trend and installing simple display devices with wireless connectivity – such as a 70” LED panel, instead of the more traditional interactive whiteboard/projector/LCD.

That being said, we believe there is a right place for every type of technology – all it takes is an understanding of how the room will be used, proper installation, and that all important training to get you making the most of your new investment.

Are you unsure about which technologies would be best for your school, why not contact us here at Videopro Education to talk creating a suitable design for your classroom, lab or GLA?

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