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Simon Backhouse - Education
Simon Backhouse – Videopro Business Solutions: Education

Pat Byrne
Technology changes faster than we can close our eyes and open them again – we know that. How do you keep up when your school is busy buzzing along as usual and there’s barely time to focus on the equipment you have?! There is definitely something to be said about the need for, use and relevance of the projector hanging from the roof or the information buzzing from tablet-to-tablet, throughout the classroom. The reality of most schools’ situations is that the equipment is already there. My question to you is ‘are you using it the best way you could be?’ If yes – great! If no – how do you fix it?

When the discussion arises about how you are going to benefit from your ‘edu-tech’ the best possible way, in many cases, training is the best investment your school can make. The possibilities are endless with new products in the interactive category. After-all, an interactive display is just a way of controlling the computer you use every day. Why not call your Videopro account manager to discuss training requirements and have our expert educational trainer, Pat Byrne come out to the school, or offer on-line training over the net – it’s easy!

You will be surprised at how much more you can get from your existing interactive gear by injecting a little know-how.

For further information feel free to contact me via telephone on 1300 VIDEOPRO or email at s.backhouse@videopro.com.au.

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