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After attending a conference held by Frontrow last week I quickly developed an understanding and appreciation for reinforced sound in the classroom. The long and the short of it is, children hear differently to adults and they don’t have a developed bank of words to fill in the gaps when they miss a word here and there. Whereas adults can piece together a sentence if parts of it are missed. Adults also have a better ability to lip read if they are having trouble hearing. Children can often have trouble adapting to new teachers because of the tone differences in their voice, for example if a lady has a high pitched voice and the relief teacher has a deep voice they might not be able to pick up the inflections in the voice easily, therefore missing out on words in sentences.

Student learning aside, a large number of teachers experience vocal strain at some point in their career resulting in sick days and work cover claims. A sound field system allows a teacher to talk normally without strain, the only problem they might encounter is… forgetting to turn the microphone off when going to the toilet!

I have personally looked into a number of Sound Field systems, and Frontrow provides the best quality hardware and support along with a passionate team of hearing enthusiasts. Check out the convincing statistics here on what good quality classroom sound can offer students.

Sounds Systems Improve Student Achievement

If you would like to receive information on Frontrow Systems, you can contact me at d.macready@videopro.com.au or on 1300 VIDEOPRO.

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  1. Sharon Schmidt Says:

    I am interested in purchasing some speakers /sound system for one of my teachers classrooms. These speakers need to be able to project in a double classroom for the purpose of music for dance and drama. The will need to be placed on the walls I think rather than free standing – could you please advise me?

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