Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales If you see a Sony audio product with “XB” in the model number this year, it’s part of the colourful, bold new Sony Extra Bass range. At the moment the key models include the XB650 headphones and three speakers – the portable XB2 and XB3, and […]

Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales I’ve never been the greatest fan of AKG headphones. It’s mostly a brand loyalty thing – I’d usually just go for Sennheiser or Sony in something equivalent. That may now all change thanks to the AKG K490 Noise Cancelling headphones which we recently had a chance […]


Last year Rode brought us the NT-USB microphone. It’s proved exceptionally popular and that’s no surprise given the high build and audio quality for such an affordable price. It is a large diaphragm, side-address condenser microphone that comes with a fancy pop filter and table top mic stand. It connects via USB so is not […]

Bose released the Quiet Comfort 15 noise cancelling headphones back in 2011 and they’ve been one of the most sought after NC headphones since. A little over three years later, they have released an update and official replacement called the Quiet Comfort 25. Essentially they do the same thing. Both sound good, both offer great […]

Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales Bose, B&W, Beats and Sennheiser among many others all come to mind when looking at premium headphones. Today I want to encourage you to have a look at the Sony MDR10 and MDR1 range of headphones if you’re in the market, or even if you’re not. […]