Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales The GX8 is the newest addition to the Panasonic interchangeable lens camera, micro four-thirds sensor line up. If you’ve used any other G Series cameras in the past, this one should be very familiar straight off the bat. The menu system is the same and customisability […]

Canon XC10

Announced at NAB last month, the Canon XC10 is the imaging giant’s ticket into the entry-level 4K video market. It is a true Digital Video camera, with the sensor and lens being designed specifically for this camera. You can capture 12 megapixel stills and although it has a DSLR style form factor, everything about it […]

Canon G7X

While it’s perhaps a little slow to the party, we welcome the Canon G7X to the high end compact market. To me, the main distinguishing features of premium compact cameras are the sensor, lens and manual controls. The G7X has a really great 1” sensor – we’re told is the same Sony made one that’s […]

Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales Understanding the ‘zoom’ specs thrown at you when looking at cameras and lenses is not especially difficult hard, but it is important so you know you’re comparing apples with apples. Zoom basically refers to the angle of view of an image. Optical zoom is achieved by […]

Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales ‘Interchangeable Lens Camera’ is a mouthful so I’m going to simply use ‘hybrid’ to save you getting tongue-tied. What is this you ask? Hybrid cameras are the happy medium between DSLRs and compact cameras. As the name suggests, their lenses are interchangeable giving you great flexibility […]

Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales There are a LOT of digital cameras on the market each year – an overwhelming number in fact. It can be hard enough knowing where to start looking, let alone what to look for. This advice is primarily targeted at digital compact cameras, but the same […]