Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

If you’re asking yourself whether you should get a Tablet or a Laptop, no doubt you’ve already given it a bit of thought. Tablets are as helpful and powerful as they’ve ever been and so they pose an excellent alternative to the humble laptop. Here are a few questions to get you ticking and make sure you get the product that’s right for you.

Apple iPad
What do I need more – power or portability?
Generally speaking, laptops have more powerful processors, more RAM and more storage – plus a whole bunch of connectivity. Tablets are a bit lighter on in this regard but the operating systems are too, which levels the playing field a lot in terms of performance. Tablets usually have better battery life if you’re on the go all day and are considerably smaller and lighter.

Do I need this for professional work/for my job?
If you need to have your own computer at work or you do some odd jobs on the side, then there’ll likely be requirements that force this decision for you. If for example though, you’re a travelling salesman or maybe own your own business, a tablet or hybrid PC could be a better option for you with long lasting batteries, low weight/small form factor and something tangible and pretty to put in your clients’ hands.

Are there specific apps I’ll need that are not available on Tablets?
These days this is mostly a problem for people working professionally with graphics, photos, video, etc. If there’s a particular desktop app that is mission critical for you, a laptop will be the way to go. For the everyday Joe who needs email, web access, Facebook and Angry Birds – get a tablet.

Most of this is common sense but it pays to consider your decision from all angles. If you’re still struggling, get in contact with us on 1300 VIDEOPRO, email us or jump on LiveChat if you have any questions.

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