Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

Small size, big sound. That’s the big idea behind getting a Sound Bar. Most people don’t want to install a full 5.1 Channel surround sound system to simply improve the quality of their TV sound and previously this has pretty much been only option. And so, whoever started the Sound Bar trend has filled a very obvious gap – they’re one of the most popular audio components sold these days!

Sound Bar
As the actual Bar part of the Sound Bar is quite small, it makes it hard to naturally produce a good bass response which is essential for music and movies. Many will therefore come with a separate subwoofer to supplement the bass frequencies, which is almost always wireless for your cable free convenience. Additionally, many are also wall-mountable, further reducing their footprint and clutter.

The real magic happens in Sound Bars that have multiple speakers built-in, pointing in different directions. This allows for a certain ‘surround’ effect that actually works surprisingly well in a standard living room (namely ones with walls and a roof).

Potentially the biggest reason Sound Bars have been so popular is because they offer such great value for money. Those who already have a home theatre system don’t have to miss out either, just get one for your bedroom TV – perfect! Don’t have a bedroom TV? Well, now you’ll need one to go with your Sound Bar.

Sonos have their PLAYBAR which is by no means the cheapest option available, however in my opinion it’s one of the best options without a sub. Sony does audio in this territory really well.

Sound Bar
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