Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

Along with the A7R Mark II and the RX10 Mark II, Sony released their fourth update for the RX100. The RX100 Mark IV has some very exciting upgrades internally, although is significantly more expensive than its predecessor.

On the outside, you’d barely be able to tell it apart from the Mark III, however on the inside things are a little different. Most exciting are the improvements made to the video capabilities. The Mark IV can record 4K Video internally, as can the A7R II and RX10 II. Not only that, but somehow Sony have enabled it to record at 960 frames per second in Full HD! That’s ridiculous. Very cool, but ridiculous. What test footage we’ve seen so far of this has been really impressive but it obviously requires a lot of light, so don’t expect to use the high frame rates in the dark.

Sony RX100 Mark IV
The sensor resolution and lens specs are the same on paper so you can expect the same solid performance as in the Mark III. The pop-up electronic viewfinder has been upgraded to a higher resolution OLED Tru-Finder – perfect in very bright conditions. And lastly the maximum frame rate in burst mode has jumped up from 10fps to 16fps at full resolution.

A lot of us here at Videopro were of the opinion that the RX100 Mark III was one of, if not the best compact cameras ever made for it’s size. This is certainly a nice improvement on that, so you absolutely must consider it for your next camera purchase.

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