Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

So, some of the Sony TVs in the current range this year look a little different than previous years. They’ve dubbed it ‘Peak’ design – the top is skinny and the bottom is fatter, and two big advantages come from this.

Firstly, it means they’re less top heavy which could be a priority if you have kids. This then also allows for a smaller base and smaller overall footprint – great if you’re short on space. Sony have decided to give them ‘legs’ on each side of the TV, rather than a single pillar in the centre of the TV, which I think works well. Sadly, it means you can’t swivel the TV from side to side.

Sony Peak Design

The second big advantage is that in all the extra depth at the bottom of the TV, they’ve included much larger speakers than would normally be possible. Now bigger doesn’t always mean better, but I think we can all agree that TV speakers have historically been pretty awful. ‘Long Duct Speakers’ are pretty much what they sound like – long ducts coiled up inside the speaker box that enable a much better bass and mid-range response. It really does make a big difference too – I’ve not heard better sounding speakers in any other TVs that I recall.

Plus they just look awesome. That’s obviously my opinion but if you’re after a statement that looks just as good off as it does on, check out the W850 range and above from Sony.

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