Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

Bose, B&W, Beats and Sennheiser among many others all come to mind when looking at premium headphones. Today I want to encourage you to have a look at the Sony MDR10 and MDR1 range of headphones if you’re in the market, or even if you’re not.

Sony makes a fairly wide range of tech gear and so it can sometimes be easy to overlook them and go to someone like B&W who specialist in Audio gear when looking at speakers and headphones. It could just be me but both the MDR10’s and MDR1’s have really blown me away – both in terms of comfort and sound quality. Especially the MDR1’s as the ear cups are a bit larger and for me feel slightly more comfortable. The whole range is priced very competitively considering how good they sound.

Sony MDR1 Headphones
The noise cancelling (again, especially on the MDR1’s) is amazing – I prefer it to the Bose QC15’s. I couldn’t fault the Bluetooth connection on the Wireless variant when using my iPhone and the corded version is pretty self explanatory.

What I love to hear in headphones is really crisp highs, super tight lows and clean, well defined mids. I really can’t stand boomy bass or harsh highs. Both the MDR10’s and MDR1’s sound well balanced over all – the MDR10’s have a bit of a scoop in the mid frequencies whereas the MDR1’s are more flat across the range but very present and musical – an absolute pleasure to use!

Sony MDR1 Headphones
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