Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

I find it funny how we like ever increasing screen sizes but also demand featherweight, thin design and powerful performance from our smart phones, tablets and computers. We’ve seen some very thin TV’s previously but this year Sony has given new meaning to the word ‘thin’ with their X9000C/X9100C TV series.

As one of the top two series in the Bravia line up this year, everything about them is fantastic but the first thing you’ll notice is just how thin they are. The 55” & 65” models (X9000C) are the thinnest at 4.9mm across most of the panel. I’m not sure if you know what 4.9mm looks like, but it’s very small – thinner than the vast majority of smart phones. Due to its size, the 75” (X9100C) is thicker – 15mm at the thinnest point.

Sony BRAVIA X9000C – Thinner Than Thin
Despite there being a whole lot less TV, Sony has packed in much of the same tech we’ve come to love. Triluminos Display (quantum dot) for the biggest range of colours available; X-Reality Pro image processor; the new Android TV operating system for the best integration of all your music, apps and movies; and Motionflow XR800 in a native 100Hz panel. All this results in really fantastic image quality, which is honestly mind blowing considering how minimal space there is to work with.

To make the most of the incredible design of these TVs, Sony expect many people will wall mount them. As such, a slim wall mount is included in the box! Also included is their Oneflick remote which is super simplified and easy to use.

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