Sony A7 Mirrorless Range

Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

Sony’s A7 range of full frame mirrorless cameras has grown in popularity immensely in the past 12 months. Sony have pushed them pretty hard as have a lot of retailers – but honestly they’re just all around cool anyway and have created their own space in the market.

They’re all full frame, all have the same physical size, all use the Sony E-Mount, all shoot amazing stills and Full HD video. All are excellent value however there are definitely some important distinguishing features that will determine which suits you best.

Sony A7 Range
The A7 is the ‘all-rounder’. 117 focus points and a superfast autofocus system. The A7R’s sensor packs an enormous 36 mega-pixels and skips the anti-aliasing filter for greater detail. The A7S boasts an unexpected 100-409,600 ISO range and 4K video capabilities with the help of an external recorder.

So if you’re into fashion, sport or product photography or you just want the largest resolution possible for print, get the A7R. If low-light is your thing, get the A7S. Otherwise get the A7 – you won’t be disappointed.

Sony currently has a handful of E-Mount lenses that are good for full frame and continue to add to that. If you’re happy with manual focus, almost any other lens out there is available to you with adapters.

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