Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

SONOS confuses a lot of people as it’s a fairly unique system – less so now than a few years ago with other streaming methods becoming more and more popular as well. Here’s a few of the most common questions answered.

What do I need to start off?
You’ll need one Sonos component hardwired to your router via Ethernet and either a smartphone, tablet or computer equipped with the Sonos app. And some music of course. Most people wouldn’t want their first Play speaker/Connect right beside the router though, so replace it with a Bridge and you’re then free to move the speaker around at your leisure.

How do I control it and where does the music come from?
As above, Sonos have a free app for most platforms. You can stream music stored on your device, or directly from the internet though a growing range of streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, MOG, GooglePlay and heaps more.

Can I have more than one speaker in each room?
Sure. You can have 10 if you want. Most commonly though, you’d just have one or set up two as a stereo pair – this works really well! As you’d probably know, each room can be controlled independently in terms of source and volume, giving you great flexibility.

SONOS Play:1
A stereo pair of SONOS Play:1 speakers
Home Theatre
If music is a high priority and you also want a killer home theatre, get a Sonos Playbar. Add a Sonos Sub for even more depth to your music and movies and for the full surround sound experience, you’re able to add either a pair or Play:3s or Play:1s as rear surround speakers. The Playbar has an optical input and when you’re not streaming music TO it, it will send your TV sound to the sub and rear speakers wirelessly. Clever! The Connect and Connect:Amp also have an audio input. So for example if you have a CD player, you can use it with your Connect to stream it to other areas of the house.

Will my internet be slow while streaming with Sonos?
No, not any slower than usual. Sonos uses your Home network to log in (so your neighbours can’t hijack your home theatre) and from there it creates its own ‘mesh-network’ between products so your regular bandwidth is barely affected.

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