Congratulations to Sarah Keogh of Videopro Business Centre’s Product Sales team who received a fantastic compliment last week for her superb customer service…

“Hi Sarah,

What can I say? “THANK YOU” is a great start. Everything you did came together beautifully, the TV arrived a day before required and I was able to keep it under wrap, did have a little bit of a problem explaining the great big orange and white delivery truck, but just a simple wrong address got me through that. And to receive the popcorn maker was just the icing on the cake. Have thought about getting one for ages but just let it go as felt we could keep doing it in the saucepan the old way. But no more.

After all the wonderful service I should let the whole of Australia know what a great store and staff Videopro are and have.

But thanks again to both you and Videopro. You deserve a raise, you can tell the Boss I said so.

Kind regards,


Well done, Sarah. This is exceptional feedback – keep up the great work!

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One comment on “Sarah K receives a great customer compliment!”

  1. I do agree. Sarah is an absolute GEM.She can run a CS coaching forum. Great service. Thumps up Videopro and Sarah. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

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