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Wayne Newton- Videopro Business Solutions: Broadcast & Production

I really enjoyed the Karate Kid movies when they came out back in the 80’s and even the new remake with Jackie Chan was pretty funny. This probably explains why I am fascinated with the products from Atmos namely the Ninja and the soon to ship Samurai. Yes the Samurai starts shipping at the end of this month, and with 7 units already sold this is going to be a hot product. Here is another news flash Samurai will arrive with the following feature set.

You will now be able Record-Monitor-Playback+Playout-Edit Ready so the Samurai is now a one stop solution. The Samurai has a great screen. With 480 x800 pixels and a 5” display size, it’s ideal for monitoring while recording. you can use it instead of a field monitor, because it has included focus and exposure assist. The other big announcement for all you avid editors is for and addition fee (approx $500.00) you will be able to record in Avid DNxHD, so what you have recorded will be ready-to-edit on your Avid system directly and instantly from the Samurai HDD or SSD.

All pretty cool features for an awesome affordable little box.

Now I must go and paint the fence.

paint the fence

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