Samsung are pretty excited about ‘SUHD’. You can tell because everywhere you look lately there’s that colourful, curvy little S logo. I wish SUHD stood for something really cool, but it doesn’t. The ‘S’ is just Samsung’s code for premium and UHD is obviously Ultra High Definition. So what makes it premium?

It comes down to a couple of technologies and it’s all about image quality. Like the other major TV manufacturers, Samsung has 2015 TV models with Quantum Dot technology – all SUHD TVs fall into this category. Quantum dots bring a new way of producing colour in LCD panels and results in a much wider range of colours and a more accurate and vibrant picture. Check this blog for some more info on quantum dots.

Samsung SUHD
Colour and contrast are most important when looking at image quality and so the SUHD TVs also feature Samsung’s Peak Illuminator Pro and Peak Illuminator Ultimate backlight technology. This is all about contrast – turning off the backlight in dark areas and turning it on in the bright areas.

SUHD is by no means a new resolution or anything like that. Better colours and better contrast are the heart of it and the SUHD models represent the highest quality LED TVs Samsung has made to date.

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