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Graham Bennett – Videopro Business Solutions: Broadcast & Production

Videopro is one of Ross Australia’s premium dealers for their full range of Broadcast & Post Production Products. During the month and in conjunction with Spencer Preece of Ross Video, we conducted client evaluations on the Carbonite Medium sized multiformat 2 ME Vision Switcher suitable for small to medium sized studio & OB van applications.

The Carbonite incorporates big switcher production power in a midsized package at a very affordable price. The Carbonite uses the absolute latest technology to pack unprecedented production power into a super compact frame.

Ross Carbonite Vision Switcher

The re-entry of Ross into the Broadcast & Production market provides an exciting opportunity to our clients seeking cost effective solutions to their vision switching requirements.

Big Switcher Feel

Carbonite’s 1 or 2 MLE ergonomically designed control panels offer the capabilities of a much larger switcher. Contributing to the power and ease of use of Carbonite are attributes such as true next transition style operation and the effortless ability to perform full previews on any keyer. Imaginative and dramatic productions are facilitated by:
Ross Carbonite Vision Switcher

  • Dual 10 input MultiViewers
  • Four Media-Stores for animations and stills
  • MultiUser GUI™ for browser based media management
  • MediaWipes™ Animated Transitions
  • MemoryAI™ recall to preview
  • Custom Control Macro’s
  • Four channels of 2D DVEs
  • Ten handy transition patterns including
  • Professional circle wipes
  • Angle rotations
  • UltraChrome™
  • UltraChrome is the same leading technology found in the high-end Vision Octane production switchers. This superb and patented chroma keyer features blue spill elimination and bad lighting tolerance.

    Please contact the Broadcast and Production Team at production@videopro.com.au or on 1300 VIDEOPRO for more information.

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    1. Gopal Dave Says:

      We need Ross carbonite switcher on rental basis you have any model of above product on rental basis?
      if you are interested for rental send me mail as early as possible. any other one you have contact then suggests me with their mail id please sir.
      Gopal Dave

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