Last year Rode brought us the NT-USB microphone. It’s proved exceptionally popular and that’s no surprise given the high build and audio quality for such an affordable price.

It is a large diaphragm, side-address condenser microphone that comes with a fancy pop filter and table top mic stand. It connects via USB so is not designed to be used live. You simply need a Windows or Apple computer with audio recording software that accepts external microphones. Alternatively, you can even use it with an iPad or iPhone providing you have a USB adapter like the Apple camera connection kit. It doesn’t get more portable than that!

Both the gain level and headphone level controls (yes it has a headphone output as well) are on the microphone itself and it comes with a 6m USB cable. So whether you like the sound of your own voice or if you’re recoding a talent close by, you have everything you need for the perfect mix at your finger tips. The supplied ring mount means you can attach it to any stands you currently have if the tripod isn’t practical for you.

Rode NT-USB USB Microphone
Everyone has been so impressed with the build quality of this mic and you can expect the same great service and support from Rode as with any of their other products. The NT-USB has a 2 year warranty if you register your purchase on their website.

I can’t convince you any other way except by telling you that it sounds great. Really great. I don’t know of any other microphone less than $200 that comes close. It is a USB mic so it won’t suit everyone but if you’re into voice-overs, foley, music production or you need an ultra-portable kit for the road, this is the perfect option.

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