In recent weeks, we’ve received plenty of product reviews and customer compliments for our team members but this is one of our favourites!

Grant T, a recent customer online, sent the following feedback to our Products & Online manager, Yasmin Grigaliunas:

“I found the Videopro website through Get Price and my experience from then on could only be described as
smooth. I needed a TV asap to take advantage of the World Cup in HD, I had decided on a Sony Bravia 32″.

Was it in stock? If so when could I expect to receive it? I’m in Melbourne and Videopro are in Brisbane…I jumped
on the Live Chat and was immediately connect to Amanda and she was able to answer my questions

Yes in stock and I’d have it by Tuesday, great! I ordered it that day and true to their word I had it on Tuesday.
Plus had an email from them with a link so I could track the parcel, then I received one from the courier as well.

Fantastic service and a great product!

Yours Sincerely,
Grant T”

Our Live Chat service is a feature we’re all proud of here at Videopro. We’re proud of our customer service and Live Chat is an important aspect of continuing that same service online. To hear users’ enthusiasm for this feature makes the service worthwhile and we hope you too can enjoy Live Chat if you haven’t already!

Live Chat

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2 comments on “Rave review for the Videopro website”

  1. Tim Barron-Hamilton Says:

    I’ve got some feedback on V-Pro customer service which you’re welcome to use. It’s a bit long I’m afraid.

    Buying online, I ordered a 55” Samsung Smart TV UA55J6200AW in February 2016. I also bought VideoPro’s extended 5-yr warranty as it looked pretty good value (on-site service etc.), and also my previous Samsung had only lasted 3 years.
    The product info said it would not be in stock for a week or two. After the online order was placed I swiftly got emails updating me on stocking time, then advising stock had arrived and then despatched. It’s great: if customers know what’s happening then they don’t mind waiting.
    But here’s where things could have really fallen apart.
    The TV arrived – courier delivered. I carefully unwrapped it. And there it was – a shattered screen. No obvious damage to the box. So of course I thought “Oh, oh. I’m in for a bunfight here”. Who broke it: Samsung, the warehouse, the couriers. Me?
    Anyway, I was straight onto VideoPro and they were sooo apologetic that I had received a broken TV! At least I’d expected some sort of argument, but nothing of the sort. They were brilliant.
    By the end of the week they had despatched and I had received a replacement. This time it was immaculate!
    The overall attitude of the staff I dealt with by email and on the phone was top notch and far exceeded the average interaction I have with service providers. When something “goes wrong” for the customer, that is the opportunity for a business to really shine. And they shone.

    There is a follow-on. I had cause to contact V-Pro’s Support area as I was having trouble getting a Bluetooth mouse to work with the TV. The young lady (Emma/Emily?) I dealt with was very helpful – she had access to various online resources to troubleshoot the issue. We came to a landing point that there are some Bluetooth mouse compatibility issues with this particular model TV. Rather annoying for a Smart TV, and particularly since it worked with the previous 50” Samsung. I ended up using a cheap wireless mouse with one of those mini dongles. But at least we had a solution!
    In contrast I had previously used the Samsung Support people – umpteen emails and eventually “Level 2” where the guy phoned me and then razzed in to the TV to check settings etc. He took his time and was very patient with me. This mouse works with my other devices (and it worked on the old 50” Samsung TV!), and I have more than one of these mice – so it wasn’t the mouse at fault. He suggested I buy a different Bluetooth mouse. But Samsung don’t supply a list of approved mice, so he couldn’t tell me what to buy. Seems a bit silly. So his best advice was to take my mouse into a V-Pro shop and see if I could get it to work with the same model TV. That would have been a waste of most of a day for me, and hardly goes with the ethos of buying on-line.

    Samsung: 1 black mark
    VideoPro: 5 gold stars

    Thank you Kay and Todd, & Support. Your service was spot on.

  2. Videopro Staff Says:

    Tim, thanks so much for the detailed feedback! It’s great to hear about your experience and even though it was an unfortunate situation, I’m glad we were able to come through and provide the high level service that we strive for.

    We’re always happy to help, so please let us know if there’s anything else we can assist with in the future.

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