Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

POV (Point of View) Cameras like GoPro HERO Cameras and Sony Action Cams are all the craze in a world where we document everything and video trumps every corner of the Internet. GoPro have done very well for themselves, in that their brand has been ‘verbified’. Along with Google, Velcro, Superglue, Photoshop and many others, POV cameras are commonly referred to as ‘GoPros’. Hats off to them.

GoPro HERO POV Camera
It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the only or best option for you though. They may very well be, but I’d urge you to weigh up other options on the market before committing. Sony’s Action Cam is the best alternative I’ve seen. Image quality is just as good – often better in low light and image stabilisation is built-in, unlike the HERO range. This means that while you’re mountain bike riding, surfing or sprinting, your image will stay nicely stable and clear. Those two reasons alone are often enough to sway a lot of people, especially as they’ve been at a cheaper price point for the last couple of years.

Sony ActionCam POV Camera
A word of warning: some people get the idea that they work like a conventional video camera, in that the audio sounds decent and you can do a nice smooth zoom in or out. You can’t. They have a very specific purpose, which is to be mounted in a place that may or may not normally be hard to get to, capture everything in about a 180-degree field of view with style and cop a beating at the same time.

I’m not gonna lie, they’re a lot of fun – especially the super slow motion modes of 60 & 120 frames a second. even mundane activities like throwing a ball or chopping vegetables seem more interesting in slow motion. They’re a fun, easy and inexpensive way to get creative and make some memories – get one and go crazy.

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