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A couple of months ago I ran a number of workshops during SMPTE which were about what’s new in Media Composer v5.5. One of the coolest features and the one that received the most questions after the workshop was PhraseFind. So what is PhraseFind? Basically it’s a new software option for Media Composer where it finds dialog in any clip in your project. Simply type in a word or phrase you need to find and PhraseFind will search through each piece of dialog in your project. It will then display the clips that contain the word or phrase in the PhraseFind window. Very cool.

I’d suggest trying it for yourself as there is a trial licence for PhraseFind. All you need to do is go to the find option which is under the “edit” menu in Media Composer, type in a word or phrase and click on “phrasefind”. The system will then prompt you if you want to run a trial.

To see PhraseFind working check out the link below which is posted by Avid.


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