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Hello and welcome to another edition of Pat’s Space. In this edition, I’ll be looking toward the heavens as I take a closer look at the awe-inspiring site that is Solar System Scope.

This is definitely the most engaging site I’ve come across to explore the solar system. The soundtrack that accompanies the site is a highlight and makes you feel as though your right in the middle of a feature film. So make you it out with an IWB and a good set of speakers to get the full immersive experience.

To find out more about Solar System Scope, visit www.solarsystemscope.com/.

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3 comments on “Pat’s Space September 2011 – Solar System Scope”

  1. I love your video Pat. Solar system scope looks like a wonderful tool for teaching all those tricky concepts of orbits, rotations… no more lessons with tennis balls, basket balls & torches! Hooray! (yr 2 Science Sourcebook 1980’s)

    ps can you do a video on how you made the video? Thanks, Peta

  2. Hi Peta, I too have had to use tennis balls and basket balls to explain this concept in the past – but no more! I’ll also work on a clip showing how I made the video. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Hello Pat,
    Thanks so much for this video. My year 7 students and I will love it. This is the Science topic for term 3 and I am hopeless at it (my first year with a Year 7).. but my students thrive on interactive e-learning…they even take turns being the “Professor”..asking questions, initiating discussions and “what if”. So you can see why it is so valuable a teaching tool for me.
    These are the broad topics:
    Earth, Moon, Sun system
    • Modelling relative positions and movements
    • Exploring changing scientific understandings
    Phases of the Moon and tides
    • Investigating phases of the Moon
    • Investigating tides
    • Investigating lunar and solar eclipses
    The Sun’s effects on Earth
    • Investigating the Sun and solar phenomenon
    Any pointers you can provide me for e-learning resources would be terrific, as my students do not flourish when following the C2C lessons.
    Many thanks,

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