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In this months edition of Pat’s Space we are checking out a brilliant new student response solution. Essentially, it gives any web-enabled device the functionality of a student response system and can be a great way of engaging the students in a lesson. I’m a huge fan of this program and highly recommend you check out the video to find out more!

If you would like to check out my videos on the Hitachi Starboard, Mondopad, and more please click here to view our new Training Video Page.

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3 comments on “Pat’s Space October 2012 – Infuse Learning”

  1. Rosalie Natalier Says:

    From the PD at Laidley last week, just wanting help with how to set up so the kids can mark their own role on interactive white board as they come into class. You mentioned it but I didn’t take in at the time how to set this up.

  2. Rosalie Natalier Says:

    Also Pat, can we buy (do you sell) wireless keyboards with mouse function for use by the children with the interactive white board. I liked the mouse function on the small one you were using but want the functionality of the standard size keyboard. Or is there another way to have the keyboard as well as the pointing device.

  3. Hi Rosalie, Thanks for the queries. I’ll shoot through the answers to your email address.

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