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I’ve decided to take a little trip down memory lane and review a site that is an oldie but a goldie. The site I’m referring to is Jigsaw Planet and it’s a classic because it allows you to create an online jigsaw from any picture. Make sure you check out the video and be sure to try it out for yourself!

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2 comments on “Pat’s Space June 2013 – Jigsaw Planet”

  1. Hi Pat
    I tried jigsaw puzzle but it was blocked by EQ as a sequrity alert.
    It was a great idea! Also can you save the jigsaw puzzle.

  2. Hi Leeann,
    Such a shame that EQ has blocked this site as this site can be so much fun. You can save the jigsaws that you create and share them by sending others the URL. I’d also recommend signing up for a free account so that you can choose between making your creations public or private. Hopefully it can be unlocked for you!

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