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Hello and welcome back to another edition of Pat’s Space! This month, I thought it was essential to notify all Hitachi StarBoard users of some very exciting news regarding a new arrival in the Hitachi family.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce the arrival of StarBoard’s 9.31 software upgrade for Windows and Mac! With a whole new range of navigation and operational options, this 9.31 version of the software is much more user friendly than its predecessors.

Pat's Space - Hitachi Starboard

Those of you using 9.2 will have noticed only a few slight changes; however those still using the older 8 series of the StarBoard Software will notice the greatest change. Either way this is ready to download and you can freely upgrade to the latest 9.31 version of the StarBoard Software via the link below:


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  1. David from macgregor Says:

    The link to the hitachi software looks right but they have an internal link error. IS it possible to get the software elsewhere?

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