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Hello and welcome to the first instalment of Pat’s Space for 2012. This month I’ll be taking a brief look at collaborative learning – and how the Hitachi Starboard software can be used to create a collaborative learning environment.

Taking a collaborative approach to learning is a great way to engage students in tasks and emphasises the learning aspect of working together.

Want to know more? Well, make sure you check out the video below!

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3 comments on “Pat’s Space February 2012 – Collaborative Learning”

  1. Shane Symonds Says:

    Pat : A great idea; now I have to see if it will work in the EQ environment…I was always curious about this tab! Thanks again…

  2. Shane Symonds Says:

    Pat : Hello. I tried this at school and had no luck. Something in the network stopping the client from seeing the hosted computer. Also noticed that the IP address that comes up is not one of ours. Happy to chat when you have time…Shane

  3. Shane Symonds Says:

    Pat : OK. I am an idiot! I admit I was wrong…it works like a charm! Many thanks for the advice! Shane

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