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Greetings and welcome to the next instalment of Pat’s Space. This month, I’m checking out a brilliant piece of software that can turn any computer with a webcam in to a photo booth. Intrigued? Well, watch the video to find out more!

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4 comments on “Pat’s Space August 2012 – Zoolander”

  1. Looks like a good option for PCs. How does it compare to Photo Booth on Mac?

  2. Hi Siobhan, the main differences that I can find between the two come down to the uploading options, photo layouts and overlays. Sparkbooth can be setup in such a way that pictures are – emailed to the person in the photo, linked directly to a printer where all photos are printed at the time the photo is taken, and directly uploaded to social media sites like Facebook. There are also many more options in terms of photo layouts, with the ability to add custom overlays to suit the event. In general, I find it a lot easier to use in terms of setting it up for an event and letting it run by itself.

  3. Shane Symonds Says:

    Nice, Pat. Why are you still working for VideoPro, then, and not on the big screen?!URL for the software?

  4. I ask myself the same question Shane 🙂 I’ve included the URL below:

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