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In this month’s edition of Pat’s Space I’ve come across another amazing resource that is awkwardly named “Kerpoof”. Funny name for a website; but as the site is designed and run by Disney I’m pretty sure it describes the sound made by fireworks and magical explosions.

Funny name or not, this site has a great range of free engaging interactive activities on offer. So let’s take education on a detour and delve into the magical world that is Disney.

To find out more about Kerpoof, visit www.kerpoof.com.

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2 comments on “Pat’s Space August 2011 – Kerpoof”

  1. Hi Pat, thanks for this site- very creative and productive website- even if it has a funy name. I see many applications for our school.
    thanks again

  2. Hi Desley, thanks for the feedback and I hope you’re enjoying this site.

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