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Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

Panasonic have historically had very strong imaging products, so it’s somewhat surprising that we’re only seeing this new HXA1 Action camera come to the market now. It’s a curious little beast, with some really great features and also some head-scratchers that I’d love to see addressed in the next model.

One of the really unique and exciting features is night vision! Simply screw on the night vision lens (supplied) in place of the regular one and illuminate your subject with an infrared torch for pitch-black video recording – it works well and a welcome feature for this type of camera.

Panasonic HXA1 Action Camera
The HXA1 is waterproof, dustproof and freezeproof without a housing. This means it’s exceptionally light and makes it very easy to keep on you, so as not to miss a shot. The maximum resolution is Full HD at 25 frames per second with frame rates up to 120fps available at lower resolutions. The lens gives you a 150 degree field of view, which is narrower than most others.

The battery life is not fantastic at around an hour and a quarter, however there will be an extended battery available to bring the max record time out closer to the 3 hour mark. There’s also an adapter in the box to ensure compatibility with any existing GoPro mounts you may already have. Wifi is built-in so you can control the camera and transfer your images from it wirelessly.

While the battery life is a bit of an issue and it lacks some of the other high-end features found in the other big POV camera brands, it represents incredible value for money and remains a strong option for those wanting a high quality, entry level action camera that won’t break the bank.

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  1. Battery life is always an issue for handcams, but action cameras especially 4K has more battery life.

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