Whilst most of us were enjoying our days off on the Wednesday Ekka holiday, a few of our VBC team came in to man the fort; in particular, our Product Sales team.

Julia, Josh, and Jeff all volunteered to work the day even after a night of celebration at the Awards Night, and they did an amazing job. It started out quite busy with the phones ringing hot and when they realised that there was definite demand for Reception to be manned, Janine kindly offered to come in and work the Reception so Julia and Josh could get back to the running of the branch. This is a big WOW for Janine who did a fantastic job.

Enquiries ran hot, emails and orders were coming through from customers at the usual rapid pace, it was anything but a public holiday for the team. To add to this over and above, a customer from Cairns was chasing a delivery on Thursday morning to her Hilton Hotel for a presentation she was running.

She needed a Flip and Livescribe urgently and was arriving late on Wednesday night. Julia and Josh took stock from the conference gear, charged it all up for the customer during the day and Julia personally delivered it to the Hilton on her way home from work that night.

The customer was SO impressed that she talked about it with her audience during her presentation and the reason we know this is because our managing director had a relative in the audience who rang him straight away to tell him the story.

What a fantastic end to a day where most people were enjoying some time off. Jeff, Julia, Josh and Janine did a wonderful job supporting the business in what is usually their personal time.

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