A big round of applause to Paul T of our Videopro Carindale store and Product Sales team who has received a fantastic compliment last week, as emailed to Carindale Store Manager, Paul A…

Hi Paul,

It is so common to get bad customer service that when you are given outstanding service it impresses.

I purchased a video camera from Paul T a few weeks ago. It was a spontaneous decision to buy the camera and I had not done the research I normally would have done. It was a case of not knowing what I didn’t know! Therefore what I told Paul I needed was actually quite inaccurate. However he worked with that I told him and sold me a very good camera which I was happy with.

However the next day I attended a social media workshop and discovered how very wrong I was about what I needed in a camera. I immediately contacted Paul, but we were unable to do anything about it then as I was at the Gold Coast for work all week. The following Sunday I returned to the shop and Paul gently steered me to a much dearer camera than I had been considering. Yet his salesmanship, and most importantly his matching of the camera specifications with benefits to me, made it seem like the most logical decision I have ever made : )

I admired the way that he dealt with my problem and also the way that he listened to my needs and tried his best to meet them and exceed my expectations.

I believe it is important to reward outstanding service, rather than complain when things go wrong, so would like to commend Paul’s outstanding service to you.


Jenni P

Fantastic effort, Paul – great work!

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