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Up until now the words cost effective and wireless video typically didn’t go together in the same sentence. I’ve come across this really cool piece of technology and have been playing with it at Videopro HQ over the past few weeks and can’t speak highly enough of it.

With wireless systems starting from $1760inc GST the TERADEK CUBE encoder allows you to take your video source either HDMI or SD/HD-SDI and transmit it wirelessly.


Some great applications I can see this being used for:

Live Event Productions
• Program feed from a vision mixer or Camcorder and directly stream to the Internet
• Roving Camera back to a vision mixer or display system

Film making
• On Set Wireless Video Monitoring on an iPad, Laptop or Broadcast Field Monitor
• Proxy Recording

E.N.G Backhaul
• Backhaul over IP
• Wireless Video Back to the ENG Van

For More information on how it works or if you would like a demo call Ivan on 07 3250 0016 or email: i.poznik@videopro.com.au

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One comment on “New Wireless SD & HD Video Technology”

  1. Yes I could see the benefits already having wireless to monitor via laptop. Video streaming an event for promo and live feed taps.

    The size of the unit and compression of HD would really bring the Doco and sports production units more freedom.

    Just think working on the sidelines of a football match in England and you will soon realize the advantages of wireless.

    Nice to hear about further field studies working around Telecommunications towers high voltage lighting and power lines and extreme weather conditions such as the cold of Antarctica and the heat of the desert in Australia.

    Regards Grant Production and Cameraman

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