Sony are leading the way in home cinema technology with their new range of Full HD and 4K Home Theatre Projectors, delivering the most stunning picture quality in the home to date.

Each is packed with advanced technology and built to the highest quality standards in the industry ensuring relevance and longevity for years to come.

All models feature an SXRD LCD panel, allowing incredibly small pixel gaps and super sharp images. It also gives the possibility for up to 240 fps frame rate. Pair this with Sony’s Motionflow technology and you get the smoothest of smooth, whatever you’re watching.

The VPL-HW40ES is the Full HD entry level model, yet still nothing to sneeze at. You can expect excellent colour reproduction, high contrast ratios and good motion handling. All of these are improved in the VPL-HW55ES – the mid-range model.

The VPL-VW300ES is Sony’s most exciting and affordable native 4K Home Theatre Projector ever. Step up to the this model and you’re in 4K world – 8 times the number of pixels than Full HD for the highest level of detain and clarity. The upscaling technology is also improved so whether you’re watching a 4K TV show on Netflix, a Full HD Bluray or a 360p cat video on YouTube, you know it’s never looked better!

Sony VPL-VW300ES
Sony VPL-VW300ES 4K Home Theatre Projector
Whether it’s sports, movies, games or documentaries, you can be sure you’re experiencing the content exactly as intentioned.

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