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New Sony Anycast Touch

Sony today announced at NAB 2013 the Anycast Touch, an ultra-portable and easy to use all-in-one live production solution. With no previous live production experience required, Anycast Touch is an affordable broadcasting/webcasting solution suitable for a wide range of educational and government institutions, corporate organisations and event management companies.

The AWS-750 Anycast Touch is an evolution of Sony’s popular Anycast AWS-G500, launched back in 2005. Enhancing the core values of portability, flexibility and scalability, Anycast Touch offers incredible broadcast-level picture quality for live production. Its innovative design uses a sliding double touch screen to create an intuitive interface similar to that of a tablet. Developed as an all-in-one solution, Anycast Touch combines in a single package the hardware typically required for professional live streaming such as video switchers, streaming encoders, recorders, audio mixers, titlers and remote camera controllers.

Capable of 10-bit processing with a Full-HD output resolution of 1920×1080, Anycast Touch offers clearer, more detailed pictures than similar products on the market. The unit is capable of operating with SD, HD or a mix of both formats. Its tilt screen function enables users to either use the unit as one large flat screen, or tilted up, as two separate screens whereby the video and audio controls are split. Anycast Touch also allows video source setups to be conveniently stored in scene folders with settings including titles, logos and effects. An operator can recall the next video source just by touching its thumbnail picture. Content can be easily streamed live over the Internet, LAN or other dedicated networks.

The Sony Anycast Touch AWS750 should be available from September – October this year, if you require further information on the product please contact me via email at r.dew@videopro.com.au.

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2 comments on “New Sony Anycast Touch”

  1. Mark King Says:

    I’m looking for training on the Sony Anycast switcher (can be the older version – AWSG500…or the new 750) – I’m in the New York Metro area, but willing to travel for training. So far, I haven’t had any luck. Just wondering whether you might know where I might be able to get trained. Also, I went to SONY and asked at their Training Institute, but they didn’t have an immediate answer, and so far, haven’t gotten back to me with any alternatives. Thanks.

  2. Hi Mark,

    The existing product is finished, and the new product is not out yet. The new product should be out towards the end of the year. We currently don’t offer any products for sale or offer any training in the US. We apologise that we can’t provide you with any assistance. Good luck!

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