Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

Sonos don’t release new products very often, so when they do it’s a big deal! The first Play:5 was released in 2009 and now 6 years later, they’ve updated it with a newer, younger, hotter model. The Generation 2 Play:5 has an all new design both on the inside and out and from what we’ve seen and heard, it’s a very impressive upgrade.

The new all-in-one speaker now has 6 drivers and 6 discreet amplifiers in the enclosure – three woofers along the bottom and three tweeters along the top, with the left and right tweeters angled outwards to give a wider sound stage. Honestly, it sounds fantastic. I’m scared to try and describe it in case I don’t do it justice! On paper it’s rated to give a frequency response down to 28Hz and I’d believe that without question. You can feel it in your guts, even in a large area. We tested it in what would’ve been around a 70m2+ open plan apartment and it filled it with ease. The rest of the frequency range is silky smooth as well and it reproduced all the different music genre’s we threw at it as well as a speaker with double the price tag.

New Sonos PLAY:5
The only difference in the physical connectivity is that the Gen 2 speaker loses the headphone jack. It keeps the audio input and Ethernet port and these are both on the back as you’d expect. Maybe NOT as expected, the buttons are gone! Replacing them are capacitive sensors so you can simply touch the surface of the speaker just above the logo to turn it on or off, change the volume, or if you swipe across all three you can skip back and forth through your playlist – I love that feature.

TruePlay is their new calibration tech and will also be available on all speakers, excluding the PlayBar and Sub, from later this year. Put simply, it’s a way to make any Play:1, Play:3 or Play:5 reproduce your favourite music as accurately as possible, regardless of where you place it. Now, they all sound great to start with, so if you’ve got lots of flexibility around where you can place the speaker, TruePlay won’t need to do a whole lot. If however you’re restricted as to where you can place it and the surrounding walls and furniture aren’t helping your listening experience, TruePlay will apply some EQ adjustments to combat that.

Setup is simple – it’s all done from within the control app and currently only available if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It takes 45 seconds of walking around the room, waving your smart device up and down in front of you. The speaker will produce test tones and use the microphone in your Apple device to calibrate the speaker. We tested it in a very challenging situation (tucked among appliances on a kitchen bench) and it worked incredibly well!
Two things to note:You can TruePlay stereo pairs of any of the compatible speakers. Though, at this point in time, there’s no ability to save a TruePlay calibration; so if you move the speaker, you’ll need to spend another 45 seconds setting it up – not really a huge issue but we hope they’ll add some provision or this in the future.

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