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New Digitalk Handheld Document Scanner

The Handheld Scanner has been ever so popular since it was introduced into the Education Market, and for good reason too!

It’s super easy to create digital copies of the Kids homework, general articles, or any document up to A4 size; photos look crisp and sharp too. Scanning can be saved as a JPEG or PDF, and connection is supplied via the USB cable for uploading.

New Model Digitalk Handheld Document Scanner

It’s been a little while since the original was released but now a re-designed version is on its way! The new version is curved with a white and black design that looks as good as the images that it produces! The upgrades include a larger colour display, and higher resolution, which has jumped from a max of 900dpi to a very impressive 1050 dpi, and even gets better when using the optional Auto-Feed Docking Station that boosts it to a whopping 1200dpi.

If you have any questions about the new Digitalk Handheld Document Scanner, feel free to email me at s.sechi@videopro.com.au or comment below.

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